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Welcome to Mendoza Massage - a space where body, soul and mind come to a state of equilibrium in balance and harmony.

Today, more and more clients are coming in for a massage for their well-being and to live a better and healthier life. Some clients come in with an injury that has stemmed from being acute to chronic, leaving the client with limited range of motion in the area. In either case, each client is assessed each time they come in to see me. My goal as a Massage Therapist is to identify your problem in hopes of restoring any damage that has occurred, thus allowing the client to go back to having optimal health.

During your first consultation, a full assessment will be made along with an appropriate treatment plan. Depending on each individual and the area of concern, my goal is to apply my techniques, identify the client’s condition, and help the client gain full recovery from their injury. For more information regarding what I can treat, rates or how to contact me, please feel free to browse the rest of the website. Thank you for choosing Mendoza Massage!

Victor Mendoza